Production processes and facilities

We work on the development, provision and adaptation of production and manufacturing technologies as well as the necessary machine and control technology necessary for manufacturing of innovative products. It is our goal to strengthen and improve the competitiveness of our customers in the long term with application-specific detail and system solutions. We develop new machines and machining strategies, optimize existing production facilities and implement future-oriented tool concepts. We support manufacturers in the development and introduction of new product-related services.

Producing efficiency

High-performance manufacturing

  • Process technologies
  • Tool development
  • Hard coatings for cutting tools
  • Adaptive machining
  • Process chain development
  • Process planning and prototype production
  • Process development: technology and machine consulting

Precision manufacturing

  • Process technologies
  • Tool development
  • CAM planning and optimization
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Production metrology

Additive manufacturing

  • 3D printable design and function integration
  • Feasibility studies - prototype production
  • Process technologies
  • Plant development - Quality assurance
  • Process chain development - post-processing
  • Technology benchmark

High-performance machines

  • Thermal and dynamic stability
  • Add-ons
  • Robot-guided machining
  • Flexible machines
  • Intelligent machine components
  • Monitoring and analysis
  • Digital twins of machines