Certification Program »Mastering Digital Twins«

Certification Course in Digital Twins

A Digital Twin represents reality: It can visualize not only the geometric appearance and structure, but also the behavior of products or systems. It merges reality and virtuality, creates transparency within complex engineering and operational processes, and is an indispensable tool for the development and operation of cyber-physical systems (CPS). Digital Twins can support companies throughout their entire value chain by providing clarity through digital data.

Companies need to start learning how to adapt Digital Twins to their value creation realities and design their capabilities accordingly. The technology enables intelligent products and systems to be observed, analyzed, visualized, simulated, interacted with, and integrated throughout their lifecycle.

Our modular online program “Mastering Digital Twins” will provide you with in-depth knowledge of all lifecycle phases (ideation, design, development, operations, and end-of-life) and a clear understanding of their business potential in different industry scenarios. We currently offer the Digital Twins Business Consultant track. The Digital Twins Solutions Architect and Digital Twins Technical Developer courses will be offered soon. 

This is what our Mastering Digital Twins training offers you:

  • A mix of science-based practice and theory, with independent solution approaches from qualified content developers from industry and research.
  • The opportunity to demonstrate your skills by taking the Digital Twins Business Consultant certification exam.
  • Added value through participation in the expert seminar: cross-company and cross-industry exchange of experience and knowledge.


Upon successful completion of our Mastering Digital Twins course, you will be able to:

  • Master Digital Twins - from strategic design to technical implementation.
  • Understand the potential of Digital Twins and turn them into a business advantage for your company.
  • Realize the value of Digital Twins for your business.

Interested in our upcoming tracks?

The Digital Twins Solutions Architect and Digital Twins Technical Developer courses will be offered soon. 

What are the benefits to my company and to me of taking this continuing education course on Digital Twins?

Benefits for the company

  • Gain professional insight into the realization of Digital Twins, from strategic conception to technical implementation.
  • Understand the potential and turn it into a business advantage for your company
  • Drive your organization's digital transformation with cutting-edge technologies

Benefits for employees

  • Advance your management or technical career with a deep understanding of Digital Twins technologies
  • Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge you need to achieve your business and technical goals.
  • Benefit from flexible access to course materials anytime, anywhere.
  • Set your own learning pace with our self-paced learning.
  • The option to earn an internationally recognized personnel certification (ISO 17024).

Your success through our expertise

  • Our industry and research trainers have many years of experience working with Digital Twins and related technologies. They bring their passion for the subject to the training.
  • Learn from real-world case studies and applications of digital twin design, development, and operation.
  • Added value by attending the expert seminar: our trainers are happy to answer your questions according to your individual situation.

Type of event Self-paced and video-based online training and online expert seminar
Event location Online
Language English

The program offers different Learning Packages that you can book independently according to your individual learning needs:

Online expert seminar only: € 690,– €  

  • Information on the date will follow soon.

Online certification exam only: 690,– €
Please register for this directly with the Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority. Register here

Inhouse seminars are available on request.

Duration approx. 10 hours of self-paced learning


Certified Digital Twins Business Consultant

Certified Digital Twins Solutions Architect*

Certified Digital Twins Technical Developer*

Content and lectures

Gain fundamental knowledge of the business potential of Digital Twins and strategic approaches for their implementation in your company.

Learn about Digital Twins’ underlying technologies and applications and gain a holistic view of the processes, methods and tools for their implementation.

Master the technological approach to create or integrate a Digital Twin solution tailored to your company’s needs.

Designed for

Business Developers, Decision-makers, Consultants

Operational Managers, Team Leaders

Technology Specialists


*The Digital Twins Solutions Architect and Digital Twins Technical Developer courses will be offered soon.


Our training program is designed for anyone who has or will have technical or strategic responsibility for Digital Twins. If you find yourself in one of these business tasks, you are in the right place:

  • Strategic Digital Twin evaluation
  • Conceptual Digital Twin development
  • Digital Twin implementation

The course is particularly suited to the following industries: Mechanical engineering, mobility solutions, computer and electronics manufacturers, medical technology, software development, IT system providers, IT service and consulting companies.

  • Our expert seminar is an tailored seminar in which you can talk to our experts, clarify questions and receive advice.
  • The expert seminar can be booked additional to the course or within package 2.
  • In one and a half months before the seminar you will receive an email from us with all the information about the specific seminar with our experts in this field.

Key facts:

  • What: Live sessions via Microsoft Teams
  • Duration: 1 day
  • How often: two dates per year
  • Fee: 690,- € (included in learning package 2)

The certification exam is optional.

Twice a year, the Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority offers a certification exam to become a Digital Twins Business Consultant. You can find detailed information here.


In cooperation with:

  • Fraunhofer Academy
  • EIT Digital

Was unsere Kunden sagen

Franziska Grafe

SymphonyAI Retail CPG Senior Supply Chain Solutions Consultant

Bild folgt
Bild folgt

»My experience with the Fraunhofer IPK and the Mastering Digital Twins Training was very good. For me the Fraunhofer IPK is the first address to acquire knowledge for Industry 4.0 & Smart Engineering. To be ready to consult with excellence I decided to choose the “Mastering Digital Twins”-Programme. Through the given possibilty to learn very self-independend is this a brilliant chance to gain knowledge from a well-known and reputed institute when you are a full-time employee.«

Wolfram Krülls

Deutsche Telekom AG

»Very well prepared course, customer- and impact-focussed presentation and execution.«


»I chose the Mastering Digital Twins training to stay updated in the ever-evolving technology landscape, especially within the German construction industry. Despite limited progress since 2020, I aimed to proactively address infrastructural and sustainability challenges in construction and architecture using digital twin technologies. What set this training apart was its concise, well-structured format that combined videos with accessible course materials, making learning seamless. No obstacles hindered my purchase, and the course's unique cross-industry approach added significant value. I highly recommend it to professionals seeking a holistic perspective, and the course's interdisciplinary modules, including autonomous processes and real-time data analysis, were particularly insightful.«