Production Systems

Materials, tools, production techniques, machines and process chains are the beating heart of manufacturing industry and the extraordinarily diversified area of expertise covered by the Production Systems division. Our work is focused on the development, fabrication and adaption of production and manufacturing technologies, and on the engineering and control techniques needed in the creation of innovative products. We develop novel machines and processing strategies, optimize existing production facilities and engineer forward-looking concepts for tools. We also develop solutions for systems and process automation, control and monitoring, analyze and remove interference factors and embed novel techniques in existing process chains. On top, we support manufacturers in the development and roll-out of novel product-related services.

Manufacturing Technologies

In the Manufacturing Technologies department we develop, engineer and adapt production and manufacturing technologies for the fabrication of innovative products. On behalf of our customers, we develop new machines and processing strategies, optimize existing plant facilities and realize forward looking concepts for tools. Our core competencies:

  • Cutting technologies
  • Fine machining
  • Cleaning and blasting processes
  • Additive technologies
  • Process and machine metrology

Microproduction Technology

From tool and die casting for serial and mass production to the direct fabrication of micro components and microstructured parts, the Application Center for Microproduction Technology AMP is superbly well positioned as a research provider for a broad variety of ends. Thanks to our excellent personnel and equipment, including machines, measuring instruments and software, we are able to implement holistic solutions that are systemically and systematically based. Our core competencies:

  • Ultraprecision machining
  • Micro-EDM and laser material removal
  • Precision metrology
  • Highprecision machining
  • Business model development for microproduction technology
  • Coating technologies
  • Biotechnology
  • Injection molding replication

Production Machines and System Management

In the Production Machines and System Management department we develop solutions for automation of systems and processes as well as novel tool machining concepts and components. Our core competencies:

  • Machine-integrated measuring and testing
  • Static, dynamic and thermal structural analysis
  • Machine design and development
  • Process control and condition monitoring
  • Control application