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Fraunhofer IPK research funding (percentage representation)

The overall budget for Fraunhofer IPK in 2020 came to € 18.8 million. Approximately € 6.5 million came from industry contract research and € 6.2 million from government funded projects. Approximately € 1.6 million came from Fraunhofer research programs.


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Specialized education of Fraunhofer IPK employees (percentage representation)

Fraunhofer IPK had a total staff of 362 people in 2020.


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The Production Technology Center now covers a total floor space of 9500 m2. Numerous specialized laboratories complement a round central testing area of approximately 3200 m2. Some of these labs are equipped with powerful air conditioning technology for constant climatic conditions, while just under 100 test rigs facilitate R&D with a decided practical edge.

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