Corporate and production management

We develop solutions for the design and management of manufacturing companies – such as organizational and business models, business processes and process organization. In this context we deal with corporate strategies and their planning, knowledge management and benchmarking, process control and information transfer.

Managing companies flexibly


Qualification for the workplace of tomorrow

Qualification in realistic learning environments enables your employees to quickly transfer the content to their own workplace.


Find out more about our »LearnFactory 5.0«: Take advantage of over 25 years of experience with over 1,000 participants! Game-like learning in production. Processes are understood across departments. Simple and applicable in any industry.

Toolbox for smart business design

From individual companies to national research landscapes – everything can be planned with this set of methods.



Thanks to our systematic approach, we support your consistent and goal-oriented search for new ideas for methods, procedures and processes outside your own company or outside your own industry.

Agile process management from strategy to shop floor

Process structures and agility do not go together? With our tried and tested tools and methods and over 30 years of process management experience, we offer security in a turbulent business environment and maintain the balance between efficiency and adaptability.

Resilient processes

Exceptional situations confront companies with maximum challenges. In such situations, resilient processes ensure that risk assessment and deriving measures take effect in good time, that unforeseeable events cause only limited damage and that systematic learning takes place. Based on successful concepts from the security sector, we design process structures and tools that enable companies to stay the decisive »step ahead«.

Factory management - adaptive, consistent, digital

For many companies, customer enquiries with stricter requirements for technology and quantity are now part of everyday life. How long does it take your production department to adapt efficiently and reliably to such a situation? We develop solutions to flexibly coordinate model-based production technologies and factory management systems.

Knowledge and skills management

Knowledge and skills of employees are the most valuable resources of a company. We support you in identifying which know-how is available where. In order to efficiently expand competencies beyond this, we use inspiring serious games, among other things, to ensure that employees enjoy getting fit – for example, for the challenges of digitization.

Crowd Production

»Crowd Production« stands for the idea of networking different small and medium-sized manufacturers so that they act together as system suppliers (Tier 1). We support the establishment of flexible and decentralized networked production and thus improve regional value creation.

Implementing innovation systems

Technological innovations and the resulting efficiency gains account for up to 85 percent of an economy's economic growth. Increasing the ability to innovate is one of the most effective ways of ensuring the competitiveness of companies, regions and countries.