• Circular economy / 2022

    New generation of sustainable batteries in Europe

    News / April 25, 2022

    Today marks the start of a new German-funded R&D project, for a European target market but with global outreach. It is designed to develop core data specifications, technical standards and dissemination for the fulfillment of the ‘EU battery passport’. The project, named Battery Pass, will provide the foundations of an interoperable, open standard, scalable data platform, and provide the basis for the rapid development of a battery passport and its market implementation. The Battery Pass will empower Europe to become a leader in the digitalization of the battery supply chain and electromobility, making a unique contribution to climate protection, social responsibility, energy and the circular economy. This will significantly transform the energy sector and increase its resource independence and competitiveness. The project consortium, which also features Fraunhofer IPK as well as German world-class leaders and market drivers from industry and science, will furthermore support the European Union in its ambition to enable digital product passports and drive circular life-cycle management of traction batteries, thus helping to achieve the goals of the EU’s strategy Fit for 55 strategy and the UN Global Goals.

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  • Circular economy / 2022

    Turning old into new: A second life for vehicle components

    News / April 04, 2022

    © Fraunhofer IPK/ Larissa Klassen

    A huge number of used parts end up in the scrap yard for recycling every year. It is far more resource-efficient, however, to remanufacture alternators, starters and the like as part of a recirculation approach. This reduces waste, lowers the CO2 footprint and extends the service life of products. In the EIBA project, the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK is developing an AI-based assistance system for semi-automated image-based identification of used parts without QR or bar codes. This will assist the worker with the sorting process so that more used components can be sent for remanufacturing.

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  • Alternative to the stent / 2021

    Battling myocardial infarction with drug-coated balloon catheters

    News / December 06, 2021

    A drug-coated balloon catheter inserted in minimally invasive cardiac surgery is increasingly serving as a replacement for risky stent treatment of coronary heart disease. In current practice, the balloons are often coated manually. A new device is intended to automate this time-consuming procedure.

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  • How can value chains, companies and entire economies be made crisis-proof? In the white paper »RESYST«, 17 Fraunhofer institutes present factors and conditions for resilience and provide practical recommendations for action. In doing so, they demonstrate that sustainable resilience measures enable organizations to remain innovative and successful even in crisis situations.

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