Research Services

Strategic Preliminary Research

As part of our strategic preliminary research, we prepare solutions to problems that will become relevant for industrial or commercial applications in five or ten years' time. In this way, we make an important contribution to the development of new technologies and markets relevant to the future. Preliminary research is made possible by public funding – to the benefit our industry cooperation partners.

Industrial Contract Research

  • Thanks to our long-standing expertise and experience, we develop innovative products, technologies and processes and support you in mastering the challenges of tomorrow. We offer you a wide range of services:

  • Consulting - Research - Development
  • Technology and method consulting
  • Potential analyses and studies
  • Process and process optimization
  • Technology-oriented factory and process chain planning
  • Implementation of new technologies
  • Prototype development

Collaborative Research

At Fraunhofer IPK, we have extensive experience in finding the right research partners for you, as well as putting together and coordinating research consortia. We identify suitable funding opportunities for collaborative research projects and manage the application process.  We support you in the strategic planning, application and implementation of funded projects and are at your disposal as a contact point for project plans, project ideas and cooperation requests for national and international cooperation.