Digital Twin Readiness Assessment

With the Digital Twin Readiness Assessment, we have developed an innovative approach to determine and evaluate the maturity level of companies on their way to implementing digital twins.

In an initial study, the maturity model was applied to 26 companies in the manufacturing industry in the DACH region. Approximately 60 percent of the participating companies employ more than 50,000 people.

Key findings:

  • Digital twins mostly function as data-providing systems or are used for safeguarding and error analysis.
  • The offer of automated value-added services and the design as autonomous or adaptive systems have so far been considered in only a few digital twin concepts.
  • Only through cross-company collaboration and networking of the digital twins, which has not yet taken place, will their full potential unfold.
  • The introduction of digital twins can only succeed when companies have reached a high level of maturity in all areas from »understanding and deployment« to »target visionand concepts« and »implementation«. This requires increased agility and holistic thinking from all relevant stakeholders.

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