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  • Digital Hospital Made Easy

    November 02, 2022

    Interoperability, integration, interaction – medical technology is dominated by digitalization. At MEDICA 2022, Fraunhofer IPK will be demonstrating how intelligent linking of devices and systems, including digital twins, will shape processes in the hospital of the future. Thanks to the »Scangineering« solution, even objects for which no digital data are available can be integrated.

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  • Fraunhofer IPK asked industry representatives what challenges and needs manufacturing companies will be facing in the next few years. The result: Five technology topics will be top priorities across all sectors to ensure manufacturers can not only meet everyday customer expectations, but also manage crisis situations. Digitalization and networking are becoming indispensable keys to success.

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  • © Fraunhofer IPK

    At Parts2Clean 2022, Fraunhofer IPK will demonstrate how intelligent image processing can contribute to maintaining capital goods. AI-based component and dirt detection in combination with innovative robotics and CO2 cleaning technologies enables the automation of maintenance process chains.

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  • Computer vision experts at Fraunhofer IPK have been commissioned by the Rhineland Regional Council to explore how AI-based image search methods can be used in provenance research. Using the »German Sales« database as an example, they show how art objects in auction catalogs can be identified automatically in order to reconstruct the history of their provenance.

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  • Fraunhofer IPK at Hannover Messe 2021 / 2021

    Smart ­Maintenance for Machine Tools – A Holistic Approach

    March 24, 2021

    © Fraunhofer IPK / Katharina Strohmeier

    Smart maintenance for machine tools, from intelligent condition monitoring and failure forecasts to maintenance support for service technicians – Fraunhofer IPK’s exhibit at Hannover Messe 2021 comprises all these aspects.

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  • Study provides new insights into open-source manufacturing of ventilators / 2020

    Can Open-Source Hardware Save Lives?

    December 17, 2020

    © Fraunhofer IPK / Larissa Klassen

    Right at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the open-source hardware community took action to help manufacture much-needed medical equipment. In a recent study, Fraunhofer IPK researchers explore how ventilators can be manufactured quickly, safely and in a decentralized manner.

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  • © Charité CFM Facility Management GmbH

    Fraunhofer IPK and Charité CFM Facility Management GmbH are developing an AI-based system to automatically check trays of surgical instruments for completeness.

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