Virtual Product Creation

At the Virtual Product Creation division we are engaged in realizing the vision of a completely digitalized product creation process. Our aim is to design methods and tools so that later phases – from actual production and customer use to the range of associated services – can be factored in and planned for at a very early stage of the product lifecycle. Our consultancy and development services for industrial companies and public institutions range from independent technology surveys through analysis and optimization of digital processes and methods in product development to analysis and development of information standards, engineering applications and IT integration architectures. Our scenarios, tailored to your own situation and factoring in digital business and cooperative mechanisms, show you just where you stand and where you could actually be. We help you make the successful switch to a modern, fully digitized organization operating with high efficiency and maximum effectiveness.

Information and Process Control

The aim of the department is to create a consistent end-to-end information flow across the entire product lifecycle that enables feedback of information to the early stages of the lifecycle, supports cross-disciplinary as well as cross-enterprise collaboration, and ensures consistency in distributed information. With this in mind, we develop and optimize innovative technologies for product lifecycle management (PLM). Furthermore, we create intuitive methods and tools that support knowledge-based decision-making. Our core compentencies:

  • Product data and product lifecycle management
  • Next generation PLM – on the way to the information factory
  • Product Service Systems (PSS)
  • Sustainability – responsibility in product development
  • Product development process

Model-based Engineering

Model-based development draws on description, abstract notation or visual representation. We develop applications for all three forms of modeling. Our portfolio includes intuitive virtual tools, digital functional models and digital manufacturing processes. Our core competencies:

  • Model-based systems engineering
  • Immersive physics-based product modeling
  • Smart Hybrid Prototyping
  • Digital factory processes and their validation
  • 3D scanning for inspevtion and re-engineering