Careers at Fraunhofer IPK

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Do you want to start working at Fraunhofer IPK while still in highschool or university? Gain your first experience in application-oriented research as an intern or as a student employee with us.

Research Fellows

If you have completed your studies, you can work for us as a research assistant. You will realize your first own R&D projects and have the opportunity to do your doctorate. 

Experienced Professionals

Experienced professionals from various fields will find exciting tasks at Fraunhofer IPK. Engineers and business economists with industrial or R&D experience are frequently sought in senior scientific positions. Our technical departments and administration are looking forward to applications from people who would like to work "close to science".

Innovation, Professionalism, and Expertise

4 arguments for Fraunhofer IPK:

Professional Expertise – state of the art laboratory facilities and competent team support help turning ideas into products and theory into practice.

Team Spirit – excellent working climate with a strong spirit of collegiality and a vibrant fellow feeling in flat hierarchies.

Social Awareness – each of our employees bears a high level of personal responsibility, and we further training and reconciling the demands of family life and work.

Science the Practical Way – the close collaborative bonds existing between the institute and industry make it easy for graduates to qualify themselves for a post in the enterprise sector. We warmly welcome Ph.D. research projects.