Smart Maintenance - Monitoring and Analysis

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Smart Maintenance: From isolated solutions to holistic concepts

Smart Maintenance explainer

An entertaining animated film explains the technology behind our Smart Maintenance system.


Interactive 3D Model

The Fraunhofer IPK Smart Maintenance Testbed visualizes the monitoring principle.

Modern industrial production is precision work in more than one respect. Products are manufactured to exacting standards, requiring machine tools' mechanics to operate reliably and with uncompromising accuracy – unwanted vibrations for example can cause flaws in the required product geometry and lead to expensive waste. Similarly, manufacturing processes usually follow a tight schedule. Disruptions or machine breakdowns lead to losing time and, potentially, incurring contractual penalties upon failing to deliver before deadline.

Smart and predictive maintenance is meant to recognize any signs of damage or wear and tear in machine components at the earliest possible time in order to avoid unplanned and unexpected failures. Sensors fitted to machines keep track of active operations and measure temperature, vibration, energy consumption, and many other parameters. Whenever there are deviations from the norm or signs of potentially problematic trends, the system triggers an alarm so that operators can start countermeasures. However, most commercially available monitoring systems remain isolated proprietary solutions that only track the condition of individual components.

Fraunhofer IPK pursues solutions that integrate machine monitoring into holistic fleet maintenance concepts. A comprehensive approach of this type reaches from sensors capturing the condition of components and pinpointing even tiny signs of wear or damage, to predicting critical conditions with virtual machine twins, and supporting service technicians on site with the maintenance and repair work that may be required.

The solution is interesting for these industries:

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Automotive
  • Rail (e.g. train manufacturers)
  • Aviation (e.g. turbine manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers)
  • Energy (e.g. turbine manufacturers)
  • Plant operators: Integration of older machines into a consistent maintenance system using cost-effective retrofitting
  • Machine manufacturers: Optimization of machines based on real operating data
  • Development of additional services

You are looking for:

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Context sensitive assistance
  • Retrofit
  • Design and construction of measurement chains
  • IoT system architecture
  • Process modeling
  • Dashboard development
  • Visualization of the principle with ball screws
  • Vibration data recording
  • Classification of states
  • Example of Smart Maintenance based on sensor data

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