Smart Maintenance

Machinery and equipment are capital goods. Their purchase is worthwhile above all in the long term. However, for positive long-term effects to actually occur, they must function reliably. A considerable proportion of the company's costs is therefore incurred for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). Savings potential could therefore be exploited if processes and technologies in the area of MRO were designed to be energy-efficient and resource-conserving.

The basis for the development of such MRO processes and technologies is huge data sets. These are generated in the context of the ever-increasing digitalization and networking of modern plants and products. Product and process data are continuously generated along the entire product life cycle. To transmit, collect and evaluate these data volumes and to derive meaningful concrete action measures from the knowledge gained in this way - this is a mammoth task for many companies.

At Fraunhofer IPK, we work closely with our customers to help them exploit their »data set gold mine«. In doing so, we draw from a large repertoire of competencies from our various departments. In addition, we have technologies that can be combined in a variety of ways, such as digital twins, high-performance sensor technology or additive processes. Our researchers and developers cooperate on an interdisciplinary basis and find creative solutions for the best possible maintenance, servicing and repair. In this way, we offer our customers unique opportunities to operate their machines and systems optimally.


Monitoring and Analysis

From isolated solutions to holistic concepts: Our monitoring portfolio offers real-time monitoring of machine conditions, damage detection and intelligent assistance for maintenance.