Corporate Management

In our Corporate Management division we develop innovative concepts for management, planning and control of all performance-related processes in a company. Our portfolio includes analysis and evaluation tools such as benchmarking and knowledge management. Building on this, we develop and implement customer-specific process management and technology-oriented factory planning tools, and design value-added networks and supply chains. Holism and interdisciplinarity characterize our view of companies and organizations, their processes, products and customers, their structural organization and information technology, suppliers and competitors. With a team of engineers, industrial engineers, computer scientists as well as natural scientists and humanists, we develop customer-specific all-in-one solutions – from concept development to implementation. Our goal: effective, efficient and people-oriented, performance-related processes.

Business Excellence Methods

The Business Excellence Methods department consolidates know-how to effectively support companies from a wide range of industrial and service sectors on their way to business excellence. A large pool of methods and tools is developed and applied, which can essentially be assigned to three core competences:

  • Performance management systems
  • Process-oriented and key figure-based benchmarking
  • Knowledge management and intellectual capital statement (Competence Center Knowledge Management)

Business Process and Factory Management

Only those who know and can control their processes have a grip on their company. Processes are the glue between production plants, people and organizations as well as IT systems. Their fast and efficient coordination determines a company's success in the face of constantly changing demands of technology, market and society. The Business Process and Factory Management department develops methods, technologies and tools for the analysis, design, introduction and operation of processes and their management, especially for the manufacturing industry. Our core competencies:

  • Process-oriented management systems in their use for corporate planning and control
  • Holistic production systems up to their detailed planning for material flows and layouts
  • Cooperation and innovation management, in particular for networks of small and medium-sized enterprises

Quality Management

Satisfied customers, successful companies – constantly changing customer requirements demand Quality Management that supports the effective development and realization of products and services. In combination with systematic Lean Thinking and benefit-oriented digitization, we help to align value-added processes with the customer and create measurable benefits. At the center of attention are always qualified employees. Our core competencies:

  • QM processes, methods and systems
  • Lean Production Systems and Operational Excellence
  • Practical qualification through Learning Factories and digital Learnstruments