Know-how and Experience for Your Production

Applied research and development for the entire spectrum of industrial production – we realize this challenging task in six divisions that work closely together across the boundaries of their disciplines. In this way, we provide one-stop access to interdisciplinary R&D expertise for specific industries and markets.

Our Divisions

Corporate Management

  • Business Excellence Methods
  • Business Process and Factory Management
  • Quality Management

Virtual Product Creation

  • Sustainable Product Ecosystems
  • Intelligent Integration
  • Extended Reality

Production Systems

  • Manufacturing Technologies
  • Microproduction Technology
  • Production Machines and System Management

Ultra- and High-precision Technology

  • Bio- and Pharmaceutical Production Technology 
  • Process Technologies
  • High-precision Machine Systems

Joining and Coating Technology

  • Welding Technologies
  • Coating Technologies
  • Simulation of Welding Processes  


Automation Technology

  • Machine Vision
  • Process Automation and Robotics
  • Rehabilitation Robotics

Fraunhofer IPK in Brazil

Since 2018, we have been active in Brazil with our »Fraunhofer IPK Project Office for Advanced Manufacturing at ITA«.