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    SME are currently facing enormous challenges. Situational awareness concepts developed by emergency services offer orientation.

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    When it comes to maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), mobile decision support applications are all the rage. With the help of AI, they are becoming more flexible – and more predictive.

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  • For many of today’s companies, energy efficient manufacturing is a compelling sales argument. At Fraunhofer IPK, we are developing a broad spectrum of solutions that ensure transparency in showing that each stage of the product life cycle uses the necessary minimum of energy.

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    Starting at the end of 2020, companies will be able to test factory processes in a 5G infrastructure in the PTZ test field.

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  • Ecologically Sound

    Products from Makerspaces

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    The »ecoMaker« research project has scientists from the Institute of Machine Tools and Factory Management IWF at the TU Berlin join forces with partner labs to examine the sustainability of open workshops.

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  • Fraunhofer IPK supported a globally active pharmaceutical company in establishing a learning factory in Berlin. It is helping to implement Lean methods and train employees in their application.

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  • Germany’s SMEs want to know how sustainable their enterprises are. An on-going project is helping by giving them free benchmarking reports.

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    Data evaluation methods are omnipresent in our daily lives. They also provide compelling solutions to problems during manufacturing and assembly, as demonstrated by a pilot project with Rolls Royce in Germany.

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    Diverse Team of Engineers Working in Office at Industrial Factory. Industrial Designers Discuss Electric Car Augmented Reality Hologramm. Specialists Work in Technological Car Development Facility.

    Digital twins can help track and reduce the carbon footprint of products along their life cycle. The data shows: The biggest leverage can be achieved at the very start.

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  • The Tend-O-Bot demonstrator can load machine tools fully automatically.
    © Fraunhofer IPK / Katharina Strohmeier

    The Tend-O-Bot demonstrator can load machine tools fully automatically.

    Tend-O-Bot researches the use of mobile robots and intelligent software for autonomous machine tending.

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