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Fraunhofer IPK is developing solutions for digital assistance systems that provide users with tailored, adaptable support.

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Current Issue FUTUR 2/2022: Humans and Machines


Research and Development


From wearable robotics to virtual reality, people and machines are collaborating in more and more ways. In the process, the real and digital worlds are merging.


Research and Development

Bolting Cobots

A project team comprising innovators from BMW Motorrad and Fraunhofer IPK has developed a prototype solution for automated bolting


Research and Development

All-round Systems Planning in VR

Virtual commissioning using VR makes it significantly simpler to integrate new equipment into a manufacturing environment.


Expert Panel

Of Robots and Men

A discussion between museum curator Marlies Wirth and automation
expert Prof. Dr. Jörg Krüger


Research and Development

From Cells to Lines

New technology for modularization in assembly helps manufacturers to make their processes future-proof. The goal is to integrate humans in the best possible way.


Research and Development

Establishing a Circular Economy...

... Through Platform-based Systems. A new laboratory allows researchers to experiment with technologies for platform-based production engineering.


Research and Development

Point of View: Robot

A flexible robot system and an autonomous vehicle all in one: The Tend-O-Bot eliminates the need for rigid automation solutions in production. However, this can only be achieved with a change of perspective.

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