Production Technology Center (PTZ) Berlin

© Maedscar
Aerial view of PTZ Berlin and the Spree river

The Produktionstechnische Zentrum (PTZ) Berlin is a scientific institute building in Berlin-Charlottenburg, on the border to Moabit. It houses two research facilities: The TU Berlin's Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Management IWF and Fraunhofer IPK.

The circular building consists of a central machine hall, a surrounding office building and an adjoining seminar wing. It was built between 1982 and 1986 according to plans by Prof. Gerd Fesel and Prof. Peter Bayerer. In 2011, the PTZ was expanded by the Application Center for Microproduction Technology - AMP, a state-of-the-art laboratory building for the production of the smallest components and structures. Architect Peter Bayerer ensured that the new extension would fit seamlessly into the existing architecture of the PTZ.

Since the extension, the ensemble has provided space for a central test area, numerous special laboratories and workshops, lecture theatres and seminar rooms for engineering training and further education, as well as office space on six floors on a total area of around 10.000 square meters. Places of theoretical and practical work are thus closely linked. What is conceived on the computer in the offices can be tested directly in our development environments. Thanks to the overall excellent equipment, the location on the Charlottenburg Spreebogen is more suitable than any other to represent bridging the gap between research and industrial application.