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Research and Development

When Quality Is a Matter of Survival

Protective medical masks are an essential component for combating the pandemic. Their quality ought to be verified automatically and reliably.

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Current Issue FUTUR 2/2021: Health and Medicine


Research and Development

Manufacturing for the Healthcare Sector

When manufacturing medical technology, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical products, a high level of engineering expertise is essential.


Research and Development

Using Balloons to Combat Heart Attacks

A new research project demonstrates how automatically coated balloon catheters can be used to dilate arteries.



High-tech Engineering for the Heart

Interview with Dirk Michels, Abiomed Europe GmbH



Research and Development

Minimal Radiation Exposure, Maximum Image Details

Novel simulation methods help reduce radiation exposure during 3D X-ray procedures.



Research and Development

Pharmaceutical Production Made Efficient

A learning factory is helping a pharmaceutical company implement Lean methods.


Expert Discussion

Worked to the Bone

The partners of the mobiLAB-4D project are performing joint research into how the surfaces of implants can be improved to avoid clinical complications.


Research and Development

Bio Meets Micro Meets Tech

Biotechnology and production engineering are brought together in the laboratories of the AMP.

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