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mRNA to the Rescue

mRNA-based vaccines against the novel coronavirus are promising but difficult to produce. Can their production be accelerated using new methods? 


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Current Issue FUTUR 2/2020: Resilient Production


Research and Development

Flexibly Robust, Robustly Flexible

Entrepreneurial resilience means combining existing resources with technological innovations using intelligent and agile methods.



The Most Important Factor Is Our Team

Interview with Prof. Dr. Helmut Schramm, BMW Group



Research and Development

How to Handle Staff Shortages

Intelligent decision support systems can help prevent sudden major disruptions caused by absences.


Research and Development

The Fine Line between Savings and Damage

With PoWer, inserts can be checked and changed automatically.


Research and Development

Resilience for All!

The keys to success for holistic production systems are intelligent information management and flexibility.



Expert Discussion

Innovation Breeds Opportunity

Expert discussion between Roland Bent, Phoenix Contact and Prof. Dr. Dr. Eckart Uhlmann, Fraunhofer IPK


Research and Development

Is Open Source the Solution?

Could open development processes make life-saving ventilators freely available?

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