Issue: Artificial Intelligence

  • © - metamorworks

    To use digital twins profitably, manufacturing companies need to know how to network them.

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  • © Mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Werner-vonSiemens-Centre for Industry and Science e.V.

    3D printer printing metal. Laser sintering machine for metal. Metal is sintered under the action of laser into shape. DMLS, SLM, SLS. Modern additive technologies 4.0 industrial revolution. Sparks

    In Berlin’s Siemensstadt², researchers are getting tomorrow’s production lines off the ground. Spoiler: artificial intelligence will play a key role!

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  • © Rolls Royce plc

    Data evaluation methods are omnipresent in our daily lives. They also provide compelling solutions to problems during manufacturing and assembly, as demonstrated by a pilot project with Rolls Royce in Germany.

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  • © Bosch

    Artificial intelligence is considered a key technology for industrial applications. Sven Hamann, Managing Director of Bosch Connected Industry explains the concrete benefits for manufacturing companies.

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  • © Mareen Fischinger

    Brain research and technological development are driving each other forward. With the help of neuro-inspired technologies, supercomputers, and artificial intelligence, we can continuously deepen our understanding of the complexity of the human brain.

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  • © Fraunhofer IPK/Andy King

    The »Flex Q-Hub« aims to make delivery traffic smarter, more sustainable, and more neighborhood-oriented.

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