Issue: Resilient Production

  • © Fraunhofer IPK / Larissa Klassen; Photojope, Sergey Ryzhov -, franck camhi-vision

    Starting at the end of 2020, companies will be able to test factory processes in a 5G infrastructure in the PTZ test field.

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  • © Fraunhofer IPK / Andy King

    Keeping an eye on wear: The collected wear data provides information on more than the condition of the cutting edge. It also enables process optimization. Whether it is faster machining with the same amount of wear or particularly low-wear processes, PoWer makes it possible to set the most economical machining parameters.

    With PoWer, inserts can be checked and changed automatically.

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  • © - metamorworks

    Companies agree that digital twins are the future. But what about the present?

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  • ©

    SME are currently facing enormous challenges. Situational awareness concepts developed by emergency services offer orientation.

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  • The Tend-O-Bot demonstrator can load machine tools fully automatically.
    © Fraunhofer IPK / Katharina Strohmeier

    The Tend-O-Bot demonstrator can load machine tools fully automatically.

    Tend-O-Bot researches the use of mobile robots and intelligent software for autonomous machine tending.

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  • © Barselona Dreams / Adobe Stock

    The keys to success for holistic production systems are intelligent information management and flexibility.

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