• Alternative to the stent / 2021

    Battling myocardial infarction with drug-coated balloon catheters

    News / December 06, 2021

    A drug-coated balloon catheter inserted in minimally invasive cardiac surgery is increasingly serving as a replacement for risky stent treatment of coronary heart disease. In current practice, the balloons are often coated manually. A new device is intended to automate this time-consuming procedure.

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  • How can value chains, companies and entire economies be made crisis-proof? In the white paper »RESYST«, 17 Fraunhofer institutes present factors and conditions for resilience and provide practical recommendations for action. In doing so, they demonstrate that sustainable resilience measures enable organizations to remain innovative and successful even in crisis situations.

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  • © Fraunhofer IPK / Jens Fischler

    With an online survey, Fraunhofer IPK would like to capture current challenges in systematic problem solving in manufacturing companies. The focus is on problems of unknown cause that cannot be solved immediately and for which various procedures have been established in practice.

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  • An online survey by Fraunhofer IPK in cooperation with EPIC (Centre of Excellence in Production Informatics and Control) aims to determine the impact of COVID-19 on industrial production. Its focus: »How can digitization help to mitigate these effects?«

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  • Scraps to synthetics / 2020

    Ecofriendly plastic alternative

    News / October 07, 2020

    © Fraunhofer IPK

    A new type of plastic made of reclaimed waste readily degrades in less than a year. It can be produced on an industrial scale in a new process developed by the Fraunhofer IPK and its partners.

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  • AI for production and logistics processes / 2020

    Using an app to identify components

    News / May 05, 2020

    An app enables individual components with no barcode to be unambiguously identified within seconds. The potential of neural networks will benefit particularly logistics companies, which can use them to speed up their incoming goods processes.

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