Manufacturing in Times of Corona

The COVID-19 pandemic is confronting manufacturing companies with far-reaching changes. There are numerous reasons why companies are unable to offer their usual product portfolio or can only do so to a limited extent. At the same time, there is an increasing demand for products that a company may not have manufactured previously – which could be an interesting addition to the company’s product range if manufacturing processes are adapted slightly.

We would like to support you in adapting quickly and efficiently to these conditions. Our extensive experience in production technology and process organization helps you to adapt manufacturing processes with minimal friction and to implement new processing options. This will enable you to stay in business even in exceptional situations. Get in touch with us and we will find the right solution for your company.

Production of lipid nanoformulations for encapsulation of mRNA molecules

Supporting the production of a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine

© CureVac AG

Numerous laboratories around the world are currently searching for an effective vaccine against the novel coronavirus. The German company CureVac is pursuing a particularly promising approach with its proprietary mRNA technology. If a breakthrough is made in this field, it is essential that scalable methods are available for the rapid mass production of the vaccines. To this end, a group of researchers at the Fraunhofer IPK is developing and testing different methods.

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Routine for the exception

Remain capable of action with situational awareness

Unternehmensmanagement sorgt für resiliente Prozesse

The crisis surrounding the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has brought many small and medium-sized companies into existential distress. The sudden loss of a large number of suppliers and customers or changes in regulations on short notice pose enormous challenges. This is where situational awareness concepts can come in handy. For a long time established among emergency services, we adapt the principle to work for companies. Our situational awareness cockpit for companies links external environmental information with internal capabilities. On this base, alternative courses of action can be developed and implemented quickly in a targeted manner. One example is to assess whether new distribution channels contribute to medium-term liquidity when national borders are closed. Our solution creates an easy-to-understand picture of the current business situation for all parties involved, with the decision-maker in the center.

Open Source-Hardware against Corona

Can open source ventilators be manufactured safely on a large scale?

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With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the open source hardware community quickly announced the development and manufacture of complex medical ventilators. This project aims to evaluate the community's performance and effectiveness and to identify ways to quickly unlock its potential.

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Health and Medicine

The current issue of our customer magazine FUTUR is presenting our current R&D in medical engineering and other health-based research fields.


Resilient Production

Issue 2/2020 of our customer magazine FUTUR is answering the question: How can companies position themselves to be crisis-proof?

Our competencies

Our interdisciplinary know-how supports you in maintaining your production and staying competitive despite all restrictions. Together we find solutions, for example in the following areas:

Adjust business models to crisis situations

The Corona crisis is forcing almost every company to put its business model to the test. The central question is: Are there strategic opportunities arising from the crisis that may today set the course for tomorrow? Our Toolbox for Smart Business Design provides tried and tested tools to manoeuvre your business through the crisis via developing alternative business model options that have the potential to let you emerge even stronger.

Dealing with knowledge gaps

In the context of COVID-19 dealing with knowledge poses a special challenge. Enterprises have to compensate the absence of employees, coordinate the flow of knowledge between employees working decentrally at their home office as well as the application of IT tools and acquire knowledge needed to adjust their established business. Our knowledge management toolkit supports you in mastering these challenges and others as well as successfully meeting the current surrounding conditions via systematic knowledge management.  

Flexible processes

Pandemic or no pandemic, agility is increasingly becoming a determining success factor for companies. Why not start to make your processes more flexible right now? With our tried and tested tools, methods and 30 years of experience in process management, we can ensure that your company is fit and adaptable so that even in a turbulent business environment, you can flexibly adapt your end-to-end processes to new circumstances at any time in such a way that your business keeps running and liquidity is safeguarded.


Adapting process chains

We support you in adapting your process chains so that you can, for example, comply with social distancing requirements and hygiene rules in production.

Introducing new processes

Would you like to temporarily change your manufacturing to accommodate modified product offerings, such as manufacturing medical technology components? We support you in setting up the corresponding production processes.