Artificial Intelligence

In our world view, human beings are at the heart and center of production. This is the premise under which we use and research artificial intelligence in production at the Fraunhofer IPK. We assume that companies should not only invest in hardware and software, but also systematically use their production engineers' so-called domain knowledge. We support our customers in all their AI concerns along the entire process chain – from planning the networked factory and managing it, all the way to the smart product.

Over the past decades, Fraunhofer IPK has been able to establish itself as an innovative research and development partner in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence in numerous projects of various scales. From the development of the famous ePuzzler, which helped reconstruct countless important cultural assets and documents using machine vision, to the design of a self-propelled transport vehicle for Osram's smart factory, to ergonomics support for workers through wearable robotics in the ErgoJack project.


Interview: Digital Gold Dust

Automation expert Prof. Jörg Krüger says: »We must create simpler structures with which the complexity of machine learning processes can be better understood and mastered.« 


Artificial intelligence for ergonomic support

ErgoJack is a robotic orthosis with intelligent motion monitoring and real-time feedback that encourages the wearer to move in a way that is easy on their back.

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In the KIRA Pro project, artificial intelligence for creating vocational training plans is being created, to help companies prepare their employees in a tailored fashion for the networked production of the future.

Optical AI testing

Help us test AI-based optical inspection in your industry.


MAP – Machine Learning in Machine Manufacturing

The MAP project is developing an agile product portfolio and process management system for industrial application.