Model-based systems engineering

MBSE transcends not only domain boundaries, but also company boundaries. For this purpose, we investigate which models with which maturity level can be exchanged between development partners and how.


Where experts from several disciplines jointly develop products, heterogeneous development tools are used. To ensure that the development process nevertheless succeeds efficiently, the integration of all systems involved is essential. We develop methods and tools that support the joint work of different disciplines from the outset and integrate multidisciplinary development projects into a uniform process.



What is MBSE?

We build and network digital behavior models from different domains such as mechanics, electronics and software. The early coordination of concepts coupled with a high level of maturity of the models enables users to make design decisions on a valid basis.


MBSE for companies

The successful introduction of model-based systems engineering in your company requires a holistic approach: processes, IT landscape and development models must be in harmony. We support you in the planning, implementation and evaluation of projects for the introduction or optimization of MBSE, taking into account future trends and challenges.


MBSE Maturity Level Analysis

For the introduction and optimization of MBSE processes, companies need objective metrics to assess existing capabilities. Our MBSE maturity analysis shows you where your company stands today in terms of MBSE and what changes are required to establish ideal MBSE.


Development of CPPS with MBSE

We support the development and modeling of cyber-physical production systems. We draw on extensive experience in the field of MBSE for the evaluation and simulation of scenarios for various use cases.

Automated modeling

Based on suitable methods, we develop technologies for automated model creation and model transformation along the V-model.