Extended Reality (AR & VR) for collaborative design reviews

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Collaborative view in VR

In virtual product development, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are convincing as flexible tools that can be used efficiently in many areas. Especially for design reviews, these immersive technologies make it possible to secure and experience the virtual product in its original size. By intelligently enriching the CAD model with meta-information, virtual validation in design reviews becomes more qualitative and thus the work process more efficient.


Suppliers, costs, variants and other choices have an impact on costs and times, both in product development, manufacturing and production and in the use of the product. They urgently need to be included in the decision-making process of a review. The joint representation of geometry data with associated metadata in virtual or augmented reviews makes it possible to make efficient and holistically informed decisions.

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Screenshot from the VR design review application
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View of the VR design review application's collision tool
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Screenshot of the smart factory's digital twin with annotations

To this end, Fraunhofer IPK has developed a collaboration tool that makes virtual CAD models and their metadata tangible by locating them in space on a 1:1 scale. In addition, the user is offered a targeted range of interaction options. In addition to simply viewing the virtual 3D models, the modification of the data in virtual space in particular offers added value for the design review.


The collaboration tool enables engineers to exchange information regardless of their location. Together, they can view models in virtual space, make changes, lay out sectional planes and comment on them, among other things. The sketching tool, cable management tool and collision tool are available to them as further tools that enable comprehensive design review. The Fraunhofer IPK team is currently working on a module that will allow them to export their work results so that they are available for ongoing exchange.



As a research partner, Fraunhofer IPK develops design guidelines and algorithmic solutions for the visualization of product data in virtual and augmented spaces. Product metadata can be automatically attached to the geometries to be revised. Texts and documents, graphics and measurement series are integrated in VR as snapshots. Various devices can be used for the implementation of the virtual design review: be it the desktop PC, head-mounted displays for VR and AR or mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.