Routine for the Crisis: Stay Ready for Action with the Interactive Situational Awareness Cockpit

Unternehmensmanagement sorgt für resiliente Prozesse

The crisis surrounding the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has put many small and medium-sized companies in existential distress. Sudden losses of a large number of suppliers and customers or changes in regulations at short notice presented companies with enormous challenges. Situational awareness concepts − a long-established method to provide  emergency forces in the field with orientation − can help deal with such difficulties.

Fraunhofer IPK is developing a virtual situational awareness cockpit for companies. It links external context information with internal capabilities und can thus serve as a basis to develop and implement alternative courses of action in a rapid and targeted manner. For example, in the event of national borders closing, it enables companies to evaluate the extent to which new distribution channels will help to ensure mid-term liquidity. Fraunhofer IPK's solution creates a jointly comprehensible picture of the current business situation for all parties involved, with the decision-maker at the center.