Routine for the Crisis: Stay Ready for Action with the Interactive Situational Awareness Cockpit

Unternehmensmanagement sorgt für resiliente Prozesse

The current global political situation is causing existential hardship for many small and medium-sized enterprises. Ever new, overlapping crises, energy and raw material shortages, and supply bottlenecks are presenting businesses with enormous challenges. Situational awareness concepts − a long-established method to provide  emergency forces in the field with orientation − can help deal with such difficulties.

Fraunhofer IPK is developing a virtual situation picture for companies that links external environment information with internal capabilities. It forms the basis for the rapid and goal-oriented development and implementation of alternative courses of action, for example when components cannot be delivered. Fraunhofer IPK's solution creates a jointly comprehensible picture of the current business situation for all parties involved, with the decision-maker at the center.

A highlight of the solution is a machine learning algorithm that automatically checks outside information for its relevance to the company. News from a wide variety of sources can be qualified very quickly and relevant input can be prepared immediately for use in the company.