What is LearnFactory 5.0?

Gamified learning in production

Fictional factory with Lego bricks: Improving production processes together in a gamified way

This is what LearnFactory 5.0 is all about

The focus is on a fictitious company that produces seven variants of a do-it-yourself drilling machine. All essential areas such as sales, production, assembly and logistics, as well as the associated scheduling areas, are involved.

Input warehouse for engine assembly
© Larissa Klassen
Input warehouse for engine assembly
Handle manufacturing
© Larissa Klassen
Handle manufacturing
Final assembly
© Larissa Klassen
Final assembly

The participants are optimizing the factory together in several cycles. Starting from a traditional organization, the company is redesigned step by step according to the market situation. In the process, an intuitive understanding of the requirements and opportunities offered by systematic process optimization is developed.

Within the LearnFactory, current challenges, such as short-term fluctuations or new product variants, are reflected on. The participants learn how modern digitalization technologies help to solve the tasks at hand. The simulation can also come to your company as an in-house game.

The success of digitalization depends 40 percent on technology. Up to 60 percent of the success depends on the attitude and skills of the employees.


How you can make use of it

Everything centers around competence development for digital transformation within the company. The special mix of playing and learning helps develop a common mindset among all participants for upcoming projects.

Simulating a factory environment with Lego bricks helps to improve processes in a gamified way – for production as well as for public administration.


What are the areas of implementation?

Test out new business and process concepts in a gamified way – without high investments or risks in this workshop for customer-oriented production. The teams enjoy working out new collaboration skills. Team building in your company is always the focus.

  • Designing complex change processes
  • Understanding roles and assignments
  • Testing and live training of new methods

While playing the game, you will also identify which needs for further training exist in your company.

  • Onboarding of new employees
  • Identify training needs of team members
  • Experience corporate culture

The LearnFactory is useful in a variety of scenarios. It ranges from a half-day workshop to a two-week course as part of an onboarding process.

The solution is relevant for these industries:

  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Factory equipment manufacturers
  • System integrators

LearnFactory 5.0

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