How you can utilize the LearnFactory 5.0

Benefits to you and your company

LearnFactory 5.0 is an ideal starting point at the beginning of complex change processes. It creates understanding of roles and assignments, supports with team building and helps to identify your current corporate culture.

We visit you on site and, bringing the serious game with us. All you will need:

  • A room with about 12-13 mobile tables
  • A video wall for projection
  • Two flipcharts or metaplan boards

Alternatively, you can join us at the institute where we have everything necessary to set up the learning game.

A game session lasts about 20-30 minutes and is based on a predefined or newly developed company situation or solution. 12-24 participants then take production into their own hands. At the end of every session there is an evaluation: How many products were handed over to the customer, how reliable were the delivery and the quality. Furthermore, we reflect together on cooperation, processes and methods. With the help of Fraunhofer IPK experts, participants learn new methods and tools for optimization and apply them directly to the session. 

For groups of 20 or more participants, the optimization round can also be split up so that, for example, two teams compete against each other.  

Prior to the game, we agree on learning and development goals. The following standard offers serve as orientation:

Learning Objective

Use Case


½ day realization of the first 3 phases with given solution search

Understanding and knowing

One day realization of all four phases with predefined solution search and a special learning topic (e.g. digital lean)


Two days to one week with assisted problem solving and lessons for specific learning topics 


From one week – use the game to test new solutions for your shopfloor management