Seminar  /  January 01, 2021  -  February 03, 2021

Mastering Digital Twins

Digital twins, also known as performance twins, bring great benefits to companies. They are thereby a central part of the digital transformation of companies and digital manufacturing. Participants in the Certified Digital Twins Business Consultant training will learn how companies and their professionals can make the most out of the potential of digital twins.

Digital twins explained

A digital twin is the digital image of a real product or process. With this digital transformation companies can save costs, identify vulnerabilities at an early stage, and plan long term processes.

The digital twin is more than just a digital replica – it consists of a whole bundle of data that displays changes and their impact in real time.

Examples of digital twins

Whether individual machines, entire wind farms or even complex cities: these three examples show the potential of virtual replicas for the entire economy. In the automotive industry, for example, developers can digitally replicate an engine block and test the behavior of engine parts at different speeds. In the wind power industry, engineers were able to improve the yield of wind farms by 20 percent with the help of digital twins by creating a digital twin for each wind turbine and virtually optimizing their interaction. Additionally, for city officials a digital twin can help simulate the impact of construction sites on the entire traffic flow.

Course structure

»Mastering Digital Twins« is designed as a modular online learning program suitable for different professionals according to their training needs. It will give you an in-depth knowledge about all the lifecycle phases of digital twins (ideation, design, development, operation and end of life), and a clear understanding of their business potential in different industry scenarios. The course is split into three modules:

  • Certified Digital Twins Business Consultant
  • Certified Digital Twins Solutions Architect
  • Certified Digital Twins Technical Developer

You can choose the most relevant skills set according to personal profile and interest.

Please consider that only the Digital Twins Business Consultant Module will be offered in 2021.

Your trainers

You will learn directly from renowned research scientists. A total of seven experts will take care of you as lecturers in further education and introduce you to the world of Digital Twins. For example: 

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Stark conducts research on industrial information technology at the Technical University (TU) Berlin.
  • As an SAP consultant, Helena Hebel knows the high value of digital twins in information technology. As a doctoral student, she is currently researching in the field of data engineering for product development.

Key Take-aways

  • Holistic perspective on digital twins as a multi-faceted strategic topic instead of technology-only.
  • Three certification profiles on basic level available, tailored to the needs of consultants and managers, solution architects and developers in industry.
  • Self-determined extra occupational qualification on digital twins via online lectures. 
  • Application oriented content – compiled by experienced experts from industry and research.
  • Personal certification that sticks with you on your career.


After completing the course you can take a certification exam from the Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority.