Strategic Management / Corporate Governance in the Automotive Industry

Your challenges and our solutions

The Interactive Situational Picture Supports Networked Action

Networked action too complex in the event of a crisis

In the event of a crisis, management of networked processes is too complex to process all the information and data. An integrated action management equally links the effect and the follow-up of decisions.

Our Solution

  • Machine learning helps to identify the environment.
  • Incidents, goals and measures are clearly linked.
  • Simulation of planned measures
  • Integrated action management – agility and process efficiency are linked.


Your Benefits

  • Gain time to prepare for crises through transparency
  • Security through a common and individual situation picture
  • Ability to act through rapid build-up in the event of individual incidents

Data Collection on Vehicle Use and Load

Connecting vehicles

Automobiles communicate their condition for a benefit-driven and cost-effective customer experience. Notifications are used to determine and provide forecasts of necessary maintenance or service.

Our Solution

  • Vehicle and fleet analytics
  • Integrated intelligent services for monitoring and forecasting
  • Cloud connectivity for data management with app connectivity


Your Benefits

  • Capture product/vehicle availability and reliability
  • Increased customer satisfaction through transparency and predictability
  • For fleet management (car sharing), optimal utilization through fleet analytics 

Excellence through Process-oriented Self-assessment

Improvement suggestions for employees are missing

Process-oriented evaluation systems are derived for you on a customer-specific basis. Thus, instead of generic scoring  systems, specific development opportunities and best practices for your processes are created.

Our Solution

  • Multi-stage assessment process by own employees
  • Focus on critical elements of the production system (end to end)
  • Established key performance indicators and detailed classification criteria


Your Benefits

  • Stabilization of processes ensures high quality and delivery reliability.
  • Global locations become comparable.
  • Effort for internal and external audits decreases.

Human Lean: People- and Process-oriented

Barriers in holistic production systems

Focus is on connecting employees holistically to build individual target systems. Company-specific end-to-end processes for business models, industry and partners. 

Our Solution

  • Implement interoperable process network solutions
  • Human-centeredness from management decision support to human-centered automation
  • Integrated assessment and design methods for intelligent sustainable production management (e.g. for circular processes)


Your Benefits

  • Implement changes quickly and systematically through digital networking
  • Create enthusiasm instead of just removing barriers
  • Sustainable transformation throughout the company

Key Figure-oriented Location Benchmarking

Company-specific framework missing

KPI systems and benchmarking analyses allow you to identify and track operational fields of action. We develop and implement prototypes for KPI comparison of production sites. 

Our Solution

  • Define peer group analysis based on KPIs
  • Create role and activity models
  • Use survey and evaluation systems (monitoring)


Your Benefits

  • Company-specific KPI systems – connectable to ERP systems
  • Find strengths and weaknesses
  • Initiate best practice transfer within the company

Sustainability Benchmarking: Detailed Position Analysis

Comparison with markets and competition

Benchmarking as an instrument of sustainability management links economic success with ecological compatibility and social responsibility for the sustainable development of companies.

Our Solution

  • Indicator-oriented sustainability benchmarking
  • Comparison of economic, ecological and social sustainability aspects
  • Standardized questionnaire and report 


Your Benefits

  • Analysis of your own strengths and weaknesses with potential for improvement
  • Guaranteed anonymity when comparing your own sustainability
    performance within the industry
  • Free entry with reduced scope

Intelligent Data Analysis Opens up New Business Models

Monetize mobility data in a GDPR-compliant way

Using data analytics, we enable online data analysis with a mobile dashboard. Personalized mobility for application and usage-based services.

Our Solution

  • User-based profiles for convenience and driving experience
  • Usage-based car sharing information
  • Price adjustment according to individual customer driving behavior


Your Benefits

  • Improve customer experience through personalization
  • Increase driver safety through optimal car configuration
  • Reduce costs through driving safety and accident prevention

Process-oriented Knowledge Management 

Knowledge potentials are not exploited 

With our proven system and professional support, you can successfully plan knowledge management solutions and implement them in your operational processes.

Our Solution

  • Consistent approach from initialization to implementation and improvement of systematic knowledge management in your company
  • Support through methods and procedures that have been tried and tested over many years


Your Benefits

  • A knowledge view on processes, including evaluation of success-critical knowledge domains
  • Specific starting points for the integration of knowledge management solutions into business processes
  • Best practices that can be transferred to other areas of the company