Repair technologies

Repair instead of replace

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Repair of a turbine blade tip with laser powder cladding
Replacing expensive and complex parts such as turbine components, molds or tools often involves high costs. A cost-efficient and material-saving alternative is the repair of such components using laser powder cladding. Equipped with a Trumpf TruLaser Cell 7020 as well as extensive measuring and production technology, we support our customers in the repair and modification of components made of a wide variety of materials. Adapted to their needs, we offer them an extensive range of services for the repair of their components with feasibility studies, optimized process design and path planning, and the implementation of repair processes in existing production chains.

Our services

  • Feasibility, material and parameter studies for laser powder cladding
  • Processing of difficult to weld alloys such as titanium or nickel-based materials
  • Development and optimization of LPA build-up strategies
  • Path planning for 5- and 7-axis LPA processes for repair and additive build-up

Industrial applications

  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul
  • Material-saving and cost-efficient repair of components, molds or tools for turbomachinery
  • Upgrade instead of repair: improvement of component properties through functionalization, wear protection and coating


Technical equipment

  • TRUMPF TruLaser Cell 7020 with 5-axis machining optics and turn-tilt table
  • Trumpf TruDisk 2000, 2kW power
  • Processing head with 3-jet nozzle and ring jet nozzle
  • LPA process monitoring by pyrometer, infrared camera, laser profile measurement and external linear Renishaw path measurement system



Selected references

Upgrade instead of repair

At the Werner-von-Siemens-Centre for Industry and Science we are researching how components can not only be repaired but also improved during the service process using additive methods.

Sensor technology in additive components

We develop solutions for the embedding of sensor technology in safety-critical aerospace structural components and highly stressed functional elements in power engineering.


Certify as you build

With the aid of artificial neural networks, we detect important process parameters during additive manufacturing and can make predictions about component quality on this basis.