Our customer magazine FUTUR just got a brand new outfit.

The Cover of FUTUR 3 / 2002
This is what FUTUR looked like after its first relaunch in 2007.

Do you remember the year 1999? According to FOCUS magazine, the top trends of that year were SMS, stock market gambling and Pashmina scarves. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft was celebrating its 50th anniversary, and the Hannover Messe revolved all around factory automation.

In the same year, FUTUR was launched, with an issue focused on corporate networks. Since then, several times a year, we have been informing our customers, research partners and the interested public in this magazine about research and development at the Production Technology Center Berlin.

A lot has changed since then, and FUTUR is naturally keeping up with the times. In 2007 it got a more modern design, and since 2013 it has also been available online. With our 2020 relaunch, we are very pleased to present to you today: the new FUTUR!

What's new – and what stayed the same?

In terms of content, we will continue to keep you informed mainly about our research and development projects. In addition, we also want to involve our numerous alumni and alumnae, partner companies and research cooperations more closely and thus give more space to external testimonials.

As usual, we will dedicate each issue of FUTUR to a main topic - the first issue in 2020 is all about sustainability. In addition to the editorial by our director Prof. Eckart Uhlmann, the new ShortCuts section offers a short introduction to the magazine, with small teasers on the articles in the magazine and for further reading on the web.

Visually, as you may have noticed, there have been some changes. In addition to a new logo, FUTUR has also been given a completely new color scheme. Its spectrum is derived directly from the color scheme at the Production Technology Center: purple cobots, blue hall doors, red robot arms, orange vehicles ... Our scientists see these shades every day at work!


© Fraunhofer IPK
The FUTUR's color scheme and its real life inspirations at PTZ Berlin

Our print edition has gained a little weight. On the one hand, this is due to the high-quality design of the magazine with environmentally friendly paper and adhesive binding. The new look of the magazine also places great emphasis on high-quality photography and interesting visuals; at the same time, we give the texts more space, which additionally increases the number of pages. Finally, we also have more articles and sections per issue in the magazine than was previously the case.

The grown and improved magazine will now appear only twice a year instead of three times - but always in a German and an English version at the same time. Of course, we will continue to keep you up to date on our website, where news and articles will be published between the publication dates of the FUTUR issues.

You can still download FUTUR online in PDF format. In addition, you can also read our articles conveniently on your smartphone or tablet while on the move, as they are also available as mobile-optimised versions on this website.

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