Company Profile: Efficiency Experts Serving the Environment

As a modern consulting company, ÖKOTEC combines forward thinking with a long and proven track record. Since 1999, it has been synonymous with intelligent solutions in the field of energy efficiency.

Having run projects at over 850 industrial and commercial sites both in Germany and abroad, ÖKOTEC is one of the leading experts for energy saving. The company philosophy interweaves economic and ecological aspects: »Our business activities aim to make a significant contribution to the containment of global climate change, to the success of the transition to green energy, and the transformation necessary for the decarbonization of the economy, « says Dr. Christoph Zschocke, founder and managing partner of ÖKOTEC.

ÖKOTEC supports companies in various stages, from energy analysis and development of energy concepts, to operation and controlling of a DIN EN ISO 50001-certified energy management system. ÖKOTEC's EnEffCo® software solution, developed in a joint project with Fraunhofer IPK as one of the partners, enables companies to control their energy efficiency holistically. It allows systematic tracking, monitoring and evaluation of energy data on both the plant and process level.

EnEffCo® was successfully launched in autumn 2013. ÖKOTEC poured its wealth of expertise in process and plant technology into its development – an expertise gained from working on a large range of energy efficiency and energy-saving projects. EnEffCo® is now the established solution at more than 100 factories, and 1,000 commercial sites in Germany and abroad.

Since 2010, ÖKOTEC has successfully completed over ten further R&D projects, in cooperation with companies and research institutions.

In the EnEffReg project, financed by the Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy (BMWi), the aim was to use an intelligent system for automatic controlling of processes according to energy efficiency criteria.

With the advance of climate change and more complex framework conditions for companies, ÖKOTEC has advanced from energy and environmental management to climate management. In addition to developing CO2-neutral supply concepts or preparing greenhouse gas balances, ÖKOTEC also promotes the exchange and development of know-how in companies through networks and training.

ÖKOTEC has its headquarters on the Berlin EUREF Campus, a location for companies in the fields of energy, sustainability and mobility.