Assembly and Automation in the Automotive Industry

Your challenges and our solutions

Development Plant for Complex Automation Tasks

Traditional pilot systems are expensive

With the development equipment, interlinked manufacturing and assembly processes are developed in an integrated mechanical and information technology manner and tested against the target characteristics.

Our Solution

  • Engineering environment with two six-axis industrial robots with force control
  • Flexible interfaces and simple integration of additionally required sensor technology (e.g. optical)
  • Digital twin for synchronized control of linked assembly operations


Your Benefits

  • Assembly time is reduced by 70 percent
  • Costs are reduced by 80 percent
  • Suitable for hybrid processes with assembly and machining

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) as a Platform

High costs for transport by humans

Whether indoors or outdoors, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) move materials, products and even production equipment. By using a mobile robot, it is also possible to load a machine.

Our Solution

  • Development of mechatronic safety concepts and prototypes
  • Robot control and integration for tasks with contact to humans and surroundings
  • Use of mobile robots as driverless vehicles for complex tasks


Your Benefits

  • Flexibility in production and reduction of costs
  • Transport of intermediate products with innovative transfer processes
  • Simple automation for repetitive processes or tasks with high loads

AI-based Assistance System for Completeness Check

Effort and error-proneness with manual completeness check

Automated completeness checking with image processing and automatic documentation reduces errors.

Our Solution

  • 4-Augen-Prinzip durch Assistenzsysteme
  • Markerlose Vollständigkeitsprüfung mit nur einer Aufnahme
  • Flexible und eigenständige Erweiterung des Spektrums zu erkennender Objekte


Your Benefit

  • Weniger Fehler bei Komponentenzusammenstellung
  • Standzeiten bei Fehlteilen werden reduziert.
  • Informationen werden automatisiert bereitgestellt und erlauben einheitliche Zertifizierungsdokumente.

Human-robot Collaboration

Support for repetitive tasks

New variants and tasks can be learned quickly and intuitively thanks to flexible robotics. Our processes for industry facilitate both fine assembly and handling of heavy loads.

Our Solution

  • Development of mechatronic safety concepts and prototypes
  • Robot control and integration for tasks with contact to humans or surroundings
  • Online adaptation to humans for assembly of large parts


Your Benefits

  • Increased flexibility and reduced costs through partial automation
  • Intelligent workpiece holder reduces ergonomic strain on the worker.
  • Collaborative assembly, polishing and screwdriving tasks

Get Automated Production Equipment up and Running Faster with XR

Replace analog equipment planning

Commissioning plants in analog is expensive and time-consuming. Design data is visualized in augmented and virtual reality. Thanks to the full-size representation, interactions can be carried out virtually.

Our Solution

  • Support commissioning digitally with Extended Reality (XR)
  • Integrate XR environments
  • §Create training scenarios automatically


Your Benefits

  • Virtual commissioning with digital twins is faster and less expensive.
  • Increased quality through early fault analysis
  • Shortened training times and development of training scenarios
  • User-centered designs for high immersion and convincing user experience

Screw and Thread Detection Using AI

Manual quality inspections impossible

For large quantities, manual inspection is not affordable. With AI, screw and thread localization can be detected regardless of environment, contamination or lighting.

Our Solution

  • Screw types are identified without markers.
  • Bolts and bolting points are localized based on images.
  • Visual servoing for automatic bolting 


Your Benefits

  • Quality assurance of screwdriving processes through precise recognition of screws or threads
  • Robot-assisted assembly automation
  • Algorithms can be integrated into existing systems

Virtual Validation in Prototype Construction Through Real-time Simulation

Controls in prototype construction are costly

Quality and cost control through virtual and augmented reality: shoring simulations can be performed intuitively and costs can be reduced.

Our Solution

  • Interactive cross-fading into a complete or hybrid virtual environment
  • With robust and real-time simulation, flexible components can be displayed in an interactive virtual environment
  • Real-time simulation and interaction with flexible components in VR and AR


Your Benefits

  • Cost-effective assembly simulation through rapid prototyping and early virtual validation
  • Quality improvement through early failure analysis
  • Design and analysis of cables and hoses in the development phase