Research for practice is the central task of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Founded in 1949, the research organization currently has 74 institutes and research establishments conducting application-oriented research for the benefit of industry and society. About 28,000 employees work on the annual research volume of 2.8 billion euros. As the oldest and only Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology in Berlin, our research and development work contributes to the competitiveness of the region, Germany and Europe. We work closely with other institutes within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

The Fraunhofer Group for Production is a cooperation of Fraunhofer Institutes with a similar research focus. By bundling our expertise and experience, we can offer our customers from industry, commerce and industry comprehensive, holistic solutions from a single source.

We cooperate with our partner institutes in various Fraunhofer alliances in order to offer you comprehensive know-how for application-related problem solutions that go beyond our own research area:

Strategic partners

Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Management – TU Berlin

Ever since it was first established, Fraunhofer IPK has been closely associated with the IWF at the TU Berlin. Both institutes don’t just share the same building which enables joint use of its laboratories, function rooms and machines; their joint project work is an efficient means of translating the results of university-level basic research into real-world practical applications.

Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing BAM

Our partnership with BAM pursues two main goals: firstly, facilities can be jointly used without the need for bureaucratic red tape while sophisticated equipment with a price tag of several million euros only needs to be purchased once. At the same time the mission of both institutions is complimentary: while BAM’s exclusive concern is with issues of safety in technology and chemistry, Fraunhofer IPK investigates how techniques and procedures can be made more cost-effective and rapid. Our partnership means that customers can benefit from uncomplicated simultaneous support in both areas.

International partners

Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA) in São José dos Campos, Brazil

ITA offers research and training in various technical fields, including aerospace, aviation, construction, engineering, computer and electronics. It is located in the Department of Aerospace Science & Technology (DCTA), which is considered one of the largest research centers in Latin America. Since 2017, Fraunhofer IPK has been operating a Project Center for Advanced Manufacturing at ITA. The center, abbreviated FPC @ ITA, is the official seal of strategic cooperation between the German research institute and one of the leading engineering schools in Brazil.