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German Chancellor Scholar Gustavo Melo

A New Asset of the Brazil-German Cooperation at Fraunhofer IPK

The Alexander von Humboldt Endowment awards 50 German Chancellor Scholarships annually to future business leaders from Brazil, China, India, Russia, and the USA. The scholars have opportunities to visit various companies and ministries in Germany and participate jointly in a fast-track German language course. Once they have completed the language course, they spend eleven months at a German guest institute to carry out their own independently devised projects. While in Germany, the scholars have the opportunity to meet with Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Gustavo Melo is one of these scholars. Since November 2016, Brazilian-born Melo has worked as a guest scientist in the department of Business Excellence Methods at Fraunhofer IPK on a research study, in which he compares Brazilian and German innovation systems.  In this study, he interviews companies, research institutes, agencies and support organizations in Germany and Brazil.

Based on his own analysis and his own experiences with technology, research and entrepreneurship, he also supports the strategy planning of the large EU Horizon 2020 project named CEBRABIC (Center for Europe-Brazil Business & Innovation Cooperation) as well as the cooperation with SENAI, the National Service for Industrial Training in Brazil. Fraunhofer IPK supports SENAI in the construction and strategical planning for 23 research institutes all across Brazil. The area of Gustavo Melo's specialization is Industrie 4.0.

In his free time, he engages in volunteer work: In a dance project of the Humboldt University in Berlin, Gustavo teaches the Brazilian dance Forró. Even some of his peers from Fraunhofer IPK have fun joining his dance class. Gustavo Melo himself is delighted to foster a deeper understanding of Brazilian culture. 

Thanks to his stipend, Gustavo Melo will be part of Fraunhofer IPK until February 2018. Gustavo would like to stay in Germany after his scholarship expires and attempts to earn his doctoral degree at a German institute. His special interest would be a cooperation with SENAI in applied science, because he would like to continue to strengthen the relation between Brazil and Germany.

Gustavo Melo is one of seven Brazilian scientists at Fraunhofer IPK. His work is financed by a Chancellor scholarship.(© Fraunhofer IPK/Angela Salvo-Gonzales)

The reception with German Chancellor Angela Merkel was the climax of this year's commencement meeting of all Chancellor Scholars. (© German Federal Government / Guido Bergmann)

Your contact

Gustavo Menezes de Souza Melo

Phone: +49 30 39006-297


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