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Digital Transformation - Englische Ausgabe 2017

Events and Dates IV

Visit from the Luxemburg Embassy

Help for Damaged Cultural Assets

Georges Santer, ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and vice administrator of the Luxembourg embassy Claude Faber visited Fraunhofer IPK on April 18, 2017. Together with Professor Jörg Krüger and Dr. Bertram Nickolay from the Automation Technology division, the visitors discussed the future cooperation in the restoration of damaged cultural assets. The visitors were particularly interested in the virtual reconstruction technology developed by Fraunhofer IPK. It is used in many applications to reconstruct damaged, shredded or torn documents. Currently, the technology assists in the reconstruction of the »Leibniz Fragments«, and the reconstruction of the archival documents of the collapsed city archive of Cologne.

Georges Santer, ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (2nd from the left) and the acting administrator of the embassy Claude Faber (on the right) with Professor Jörg Krüger (2nd from the right) and Dr. Bertram Nickolay (left) watching the live demonstration of the reconstruction technology. (© Fraunhofer IPK/Steffen Pospischil)

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dip Speeds It up

This Was the 2017 Hannover Trade Show

At the Hannover Trade Show from April 24 - 28, 2017, Fraunhofer IPK demonstrated how digital production methods allow the quick and economic manufacturing of customized products. The motto was »dip Speeds It up«. A team of engineers from the areas of corporate management, virtual product creation and automation technology introduced state of the art research topics in practice-oriented interplay to show the integral perspective of Fraunhofer IPK. For example, the team presented a robot cell consisting of components, which were designed as cyber-physical systems. The robot was controlled via cloud platform.

Gregor Thiele, research engineer at the process automation and robotics department reported: »Aside from the application of research results, issues of standardization and committee work, e. g. about the further development of the OPC standards, came up. The trade show was an ideal opportunity to discuss even those topics across the institute borders.« In this way, the scientists also forged new relationships to cooperate on interdisciplinary projects and exploit synergies, aside from engaging in new contacts with companies.

Fraunhofer IPK's cloud-based robot cell generated much interest, particularly from international visitors of the Hannover Messe.

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Katharina Strohmeier

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