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Digital Transformation - Englische Ausgabe 2017

More Than Just a Product

Smart Service Customization

In the project »Smart Service Customization«, engineers of Fraunhofer IPK and Fraunhofer FOKUS develop intelligent services for the next generation of customized products. In this context, smart services describe the comprehensive exploitation of lifecycle data through individual services and data-driven business models.

The pool of data continues to grow from development to production and throughout the entire product lifecycle, due to the accelerated development and integration of Industrie 4.0 solutions in industrial applications. The heterogeneous nature of the data makes analyzing and exploiting them a challenge for many companies. The systematic compilation and processing of data from sensor networks and smart data is the first step. This step allows companies to optimize the management of the product lifecycle. The second step comprises the systematic exploitation of the processed information for the development of individualized services based on the continuously compiled lifecycle data. Smart services also support deliberations in the process of improving products. One example is the question of which one of the components should be more unitized to allow the easier replacement as modules.

In order to target our support for companies during the development of smart services, the project engineers assemble a methods kit. This methods kit enables companies to develop smart services, which implement high-value information requests based on heterogeneous data sources. The adaptive modular kit comprises two components. One component enables the analysis, integration and interpretation of heterogeneous data sources available on an integration platform for high-value information. The other component provides a smart service cockpit for the generation of customized process and service layouts for data-driven business models.

Support engineers are able to adapt the methods kit for many industries to facilitate the adaptation to custom products and services. This applies, for example, to the maintenance and upkeep services for end users as well as for operators or owners of infrastructure.  Adapted methods and tools allow interested companies to gather the required information for company-specific layouts or blanks, so that they can configure suitable product and service offers. Fraunhofer IPK and Fraunhofer FOKUS support their project partners in the analyses and definition of requirements and interfaces, data integration on the platform, and the extraction of high-value information. They also assist in the development of smart services all the way to the creation of prototypes and demonstrators. 

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