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Industrie 4.0 Application Center in China

»Combine Chinese Speed with German Precision« is the motto of Fraunhofer IPK while the institute supports the implementation of a Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute (SGIMRI) in Nanjing, China in the next five years. SGIMRI pursues an integrated training, demonstration and application approach in the field of intelligent production for Chinese and foreign companies.

The Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute (SGIMRI) in Nanjing is a private enterprise. It integrates training, demonstration and application research to create a comprehensive offer for companies in the Jiangsu Province.  Fraunhofer IPK will provide assistance for the strategic, organizational and technical planning and implementation of the five-year project. Fraunhofer IPK has already developed a comprehensive curriculum for the specific application of Industrie 4.0 in China and used the curriculum for initial training sessions to develop expertise. Important in this context are the integration of specific ancillary conditions and the enterprise culture in the Chinese business environment. The training addresses the leadership and management strategy changes, which are particularly necessary in China, as well as the ability to transform the area’s still running. In the process, experts from Fraunhofer IPK and the SGIMRI jointly develop concepts, in which the technology-oriented Chinese views and German focus on methods complement each other to meet the challenges the Chinese face.

The planned SGIMRI training center

Through this project, Fraunhofer IPK seeks to establish an increasingly strong network with the thriving Chinese economy. To achieve this goal, Fraunhofer IPK, in close cooperation with the SGIMRI develops new solutions for the local market. In the process, the SGIMRI combines German engineering with the proverbial Chinese speed to turn innovative business models into innovative solutions. The benefit for the German economy is twofold. First, German machines and equipment will have a market in China, thus increasing German exports.  Second, offerings of the SGIMRI will help German companies in China to optimize their processes and technologies according to the needs of the local Chinese markets.  This creates methods and tools for the development of fast solutions for production prototypes, which will bridge long analysis and concept development phases.

As early as in the first year, the collaboration realized technology-oriented innovation projects in Nanjing. While the teams worked together, the interplay of interdisciplinary and intercultural human assets emerged as the important engine for success. An example of this successful cooperation is the development of an innovative factory concept for systems used to control energy networks. This concept is slated for implementation in 2018 for the NARI group, a subsidiary of China State Grid. It integrates modular production systems consisting of manufacturing facilities and shop floor IT with intelligent intra-logistics (materials flow) solutions.

Applied research and demonstrators at SGIMRI

This project is considered a role model for the development of intelligent manufacturing solutions. Under the joint leadership of Fraunhofer IPK and NARI, multicultural teams consisting of Fraunhofer experts, SGIMRI employees and NARI production experts are developing the integrated concept using an Integrated Enterprise Model as common project backbone. During the development SGIMRI employees are trained according to project management and intelligent manufacturing technologies. By integrating NARI experts into the project team the specific conditions and constraints of Chinese production systems is efficiently taken into account. After implementation, the system is expected to shorten processing times up to 60 percent, among other benefits.

Intercultural project team structure for technology-oriented factory planning

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