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Product and Project Leaflets

These leaflets inform you about Fraunhofer IPK’s products and projects. You can download all these leaflets on this page or just use our Order Service to receive your own free print copies.

Corporate Management

Knowledge Management

The Benchmarking Information Center

  • Training Seminar for Best Practice Management, in German (PDF, 545 Kb)
  • Benchmarking, German version (PDF, 550 Kb), English version (PDF, 570 Kb)
  • Benchmarking for SME, German version (PDF, 1,2 Mb), English version (PDF, 1,1 Mb)
  • Benchmarking in the Public Sector, German version (PDF, 1,5 Mb), English version (PDF, 1,5 Mb)
  • Information Center Benchmarking, German version (PDF, 610 Kb), English version (PDF, 593 Kb)
  • KPI-Benchmarking for SME, German version (PDF, 299 Kb), English version (PDF, 310 Kb)
  • A Selection of Benchmarking References, German version (PDF, 363 Kb), English version (PDF, 131 Kb)
  • Sector Studies and Analyses, German version (PDF, 749 Kb)
  • Seminar on Basic Principles of Benchmarking, in German (PDF, 550 Kb)
  • Strategic Economic Planning, in English (PDF, 762 Kb)
  • The Benchmarking Code of Conduct, in German (PDF, 58 Kb)

Enterprise Logistics and Processes

Production Systems

Department of Manufacturing Technologies:

Department of Microproduction Technology

Department of Production Machines and Factory Management

Joining and Coating Technology

  • Laser-Powder-Cladding: German (PDF, 172 Kb), English (PDF, 170 Kb)
  • Laser Beam and Hybrid Welding: German (PDF, 161 Kb), English (PDF, 201 Kb)
  • Welding Simulation: German (PDF, 157 Kb), English (PDF, 163 Kb)
  • Resistance Spot Welding: German (PDF, 158 Kb), English (PDF, 165 Kb)

Automation Technology

Quality Management