Fraunhofer IPK

Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology

Technologies making the exhibit possible

To demonstrate how technologies and machines can be combined that were not planned by the same people, to the same standards, or at the same time, the exhibit combines various solutions from Fraunhofer IPK. Modular shopfloor IT uses custom adaptors to integrate industrial facilities in modular and holistic systems. Services-based concepts are used to flexibilize production process and integrate cloud components. Digital twins are used for the virtual commissioning of existing facilities – e.g. to add new capabilities to established factories. Fraunhofer IPK operates an Industrie 4.0 test bed to test all sample implementations and evaluate possible solutions in-house.

Digital twin

Digital twins are representations of a chosen product (a material object, service, or intangible object) that capture that object’s properties, state, and behavior in digital models, information, and data. They offer not only a geometrically accurate visualization of the product, but also an exact representation of its behavior. Digital twins can be used already in initial product development to ascertain whether the available production facilities of a company would be able to manufacture that product. Virtual pre-runs of new or changed production facilities are also made possible – keeping the downtime during their commissioning or reconfiguration to a minimum. During actual production, digital twins help maintain quality parameters or plan and implement the required production sequences.