Fraunhofer IPK

Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology

Technologies making the exhibit possible

To demonstrate how technologies and machines can be combined that were not planned by the same people, to the same standards, or at the same time, the exhibit combines various solutions from Fraunhofer IPK. Modular shopfloor IT uses custom adaptors to integrate industrial facilities in modular and holistic systems. Services-based concepts are used to flexibilize production process and integrate cloud components. Digital twins are used for the virtual commissioning of existing facilities – e.g. to add new capabilities to established factories. Fraunhofer IPK operates an Industrie 4.0 test bed to test all sample implementations and evaluate possible solutions in-house.

Service-based automation in the cloud

The »pICASSO« research project produced a robot cell for palletizing, whose components are laid out as cyber-physical systems (CPS): Each component is ­handled by a service that is recorded in the »Yellow Pages for Industrie 4.0« and readily available from anywhere in the world. In addition, there are purely virtual services. All services can be integrated for individual products – every product can e.g. call up the right object recognition service. Such flexible service integration makes use of all advantages of cloud solutions: They are more economical because they require less hardware on site. Complex calculations are outsourced into the cloud, which is more responsive, as virtually unlimited computational power can be added at the point of need. It is more secure, because confidential data remains with its legitimate owner. And it makes maintenance easier, because all services are centralized.