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Smart production environment

Berlin Center for Digital Transformation exhibit at the main Fraunhofer booth

At the main Fraunhofer booth, the Berlin Center for Digital Transformation exhibits a »smart production environment« to showcase digitally connected production in practice. Using a robotic product processing system, the exhibit reveals how new digital solutions apply integrated device and process assistants for a quicker setting-up of production tasks. With digital assistants and a new type of human-technology interaction, traditional manufacturing is re-envisioned and robots are included more efficiently in production processes.We present a specific scenario to show how digital transformations can succeed. The core of the smart production environment is a robotic system that combines the innovative technologies

  • gesture-controlled robot programming,
  • digital assistant systems for machine and process,
  • simulation and synchronization via digital twins,
  • in-factory visualization of information via augmented reality as well as
  • sensor technology and edge-based state monitoring

as comprehensive and consistent support for production operations. The exhibit offers a real-life use case that shows the potential promised by integrating and combining new digitalization and networking technologies. Companies have an opportunity to test and experience suitable processes immediately on site.

Modular and scalable solutions

Multi-media solutions for interacting and working with the production system are demonstrated in a mobile and context-responsive production and servicing scenario. The physical machines and processes are coupled in real time with their virtual digital images and models.

User assistance systems are integrated in the production environment by adding suitable AR technology. Particular attention is paid to the provision of context-dependent information on the go to employees in their actual environment and in their specific jobs and to new multi-media and multi-modal ways of interacting with and operating the production facilities. One fundamental aspect is the integration and combination of virtual models and twins with the machines and processes in the physical world. By including a wide range of sensor input in real time, the behavior of the machines and the active processes are captured digitally, analyzed immediately, and compared to the virtual models. The findings from these process and simulation analyses are then fed back with suitable visualization technologies into the active work setting and real-life environment.

Experience this exhibit in hall 2, booth C22.

Berlin Center for Digital Transformation

The Berlin Center for Digital Transformation (LZDV) is dedicated to developing technologies and solutions in response to the increasing digitalization and interconnection of all walks of life. At the LZDV, the four Fraunhofer Institutes FOKUS, HHI, IPK, and IZM are working on new technologies for four areas of application: »Industry and production«, »Mobility and the city of the future«, »Health and medicine«, and »Critical infrastructure«. For their work, the four institutes cooperate with partners in industry and public institutions.

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