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Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology

Digital Twin

Virtually validate product changes

Changing processes? A sure thing!
The custom order has reached the production facilities directly. But can it be produced at all? Product developers need to make sure that e.g. the space for the requested label is sufficient and that no other conflict arises. All of these details can be checked with the digital twin, a virtual copy of production facilities. It not only reflects its geometry and layout, but also the actual behavior of the plant – with the right level of detail for the application in question.

Versatile tool
We are exhibiting a digital twin that is synchronized with a small-scale manufacturing demonstrator. Multiple sensors, both physical and virtual, track the operating state of the real production hardware and transfer it to the twin. The twin can model the production of product variants before they enter actual manufacturing – or test whether and how new facilities could be integrated into the existing manufacturing processes. This allows quick verifying of product or facility changes. At the same time, the digital twin can be used to influence actual production: If a virtual collision is provoked, the real-world counterpart of the system will halt. This can be used for preemptive monitoring: As long as the virtual twin is a few seconds ahead of the real production facilities, collisions can be avoided even without physical sensors. This is where smart data comes into play: With the data produced by the machines on the ground, the virtual production system can be constantly optimized.

Our target group
The exhibit is designed specifically with manufacturers and plant engineers in mind. We want to work with you to define scenarios that will benefit from the use of digital twins. As a next step, the use case will be defined to make sure that only such aspects of production processes are mirrored that will actually produce added value for the business. The scenarios will be prototyped to make the benefits of the twin tangible for its operator – a key precondition for its implementation and acceptance on a greater scale.