Model Based Systems Engineering Buzz Session

Online-Workshop Series

The increasing digitalization and the introduction of smart services pose new challenges for many companies. Their products are becoming increasingly complex, with software playing a larger part both in development and production in the context of shorter product life cycles. At the same time, coordinating between experts from different disciplines is becoming more important than ever. To ensure that companies can develop and manufacture products efficiently and smoothly, they need to integrate all systems involved in a comprehensive manner. Model-based approaches such as Model-based Systems Engineering, or MBSE for short, extend classic systems engineering approaches and support multidisciplinary development projects. MBSE helps to architect, simulate, validate, verify and certify complex products at an early stage employing cross-domain systems modeling and analysis techniques for efficient development as well as improved product quality.

The workshop will feature presentations by industry leaders and researchers, opportunities for Q&A's and panel discussions to foster active participation in between. We recommend this English language format to industry leaders and systems engineers as well as researchers and engineering educators. As an independent non-university research institution we at Fraunhofer IPK are excited to bring together international participants across all industries and academia.

Type of event Workshop series
Event location online
Upcoming Sessions Information for future events will follow shortly.
Language English
Costs free of charge

Model-Based Systems Engineering and Simulation Management

January 13, 2021

Model-based Systems Engineering and System Verification

November 24, 2020

Model-based Systems Engineering and the Digital Thread

August 18, 2020

Model-based Systems Engineering and Artificial Intelligence

June 04, 2020

  • decision-makers in multidisciplinary systems development and systems management with systems integration responsibility
  • process owners
  • systems engineers, researchers
  • systems engineering educators
  • interdisciplinary developers