Inhouse seminars

Acquire new knowledge on a specific topic interactively in small groups of max. twelve people. Lectures, group discussions and exercises impart theoretical basics without neglecting practical applications. Our program includes short seminars of one to two days, but also intensive seminars of up to fifteen days. In addition to our open seminars, we also offer customer-specific inhouse seminars and training courses. We can train your employees in the areas of design and development, manufacturing and production, machine tools and systems, maintenance and repair, automation, management and quality according to your specific training requirements. We define the exact content in close consultation with you – tailored to your goals and requirements.


Additive Manufacturing Technologies

This inhouse training gives you an introduction to the latest innovations in additive manufacturing and illustrates how additive manufacturing technologies can replace or reduce tool-intensive processes.


Industrie 4.0

How production may be structured more flexibly according to Industrie 4.0, is shown in this inhouse training along the process chain – from corporate-wide job management to work on individual machines.