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Smart Hybrid Prototyping

Photo1: The Smart Closure Approach using Smart Hybrid Prototyping

Developed by the Technische Universität Berlin, smart hybrid prototyping (SHP) technology is a rapid and efficient solution for the evaluation of mechatronic products in the early stages of the development cycle. It offers an intermediate stage between the digital and physical prototype, and in particular it enables a multimodular experience of mechatronic products which means that the human factor is given much greater prominence in the validation of the overall system.

The operating principle of SHP technology was demonstrated in a simulation of car tailgates which showed the path from CAx models to hybrid prototypes. One of the characteristic features of the smart approach is the way it eschews complex expensive general solutions for the development of hybrid prototypes in favor of rapid, low-cost product-specific solutions. Use of proactive force feedback devices enables functional validation of hybrid prototypes on a scale of one-to-one.

What’s more, smart hybrid prototyping technology enables modular-based testing of product functions which means that mechanics, electronics and software can either be tested separately from one another or experienced in their interplay in the overall system.

For all enquiries about Smart Hybrid Prototyping, contact Dr.-Ing. Michael Schmitz at the Virtual Product Creation division.