Fraunhofer IPK

Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul


This department of VPC deals with digital planning and support for maintenance, repair and overhaul procedures. The aim is to increase the efficiency of industrial MRO processes whereby particular emphasis is laid on consistency in the digital process chain. The basic idea is to engineer a shift from document-driven to model-based MRO. Transfer of technologies and engineering methods and processes from product development to MRO will tap new potential, with interest here focused on information and configuration management, reverse engineering processes, model-based planning of MRO projects and on-going dialogue with product development. The technologies stem from the field of Virtual Product Creation, and reverse engineering and configuration management have been identified as the two key disciplines. In particular technologies for PDM/PLM processes and project management and reverse engineering for hardware and software are analyzed, developed and implemented.

For instance, solutions are developed that enable status-related generation of 3D product models from a reverse engineering process. This project aims at the development and prototype implementation of a reverse engineering process line for the semi-automatic generation of appropriate digital models (3D models, product structures, parts lists, circuit layouts) for MRO goods which will facilitate the effective and efficient planning and operation of MRO processes. Activities are focused on durable high cost investment goods from the fields of energy and transport.

Cross-industry benchmarks are used for the closer investigation of configuration management. The two areas of particular interest here are digital tracking of construction status over the lifecycle of machines and facilities, and interaction between product development and customization of industrial goods.


Areas of application / Expertise / Projects

  • Transport systems (aviation, railways)
  • Energy systems
  • Systems engineering
  • Production technology
  • Conveyor systems, cranes

For all enquiries about MRO, contact Dipl.-Ing. Kai Lindow at the Virtual Product Creation division.