Fraunhofer IPK

Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology

The Virtual Product Creation division introduces itself

Digital techniques, processes and methods are now an essential part of the entire production technology network from product planning through to product maintenance and overhaul. They enable targeted planning and control of product development cycles, product quality and associated costs. At the Virtual Product Creation division of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK we are engaged in realizing the vision of a completely digitalized product creation process. Our aim is to design methods and tools so that later phases – from actual production and customer use to the range of associated services – can be factored in and planned for at a very early stage of the product lifecycle.

Our specialist departments »Information and Process Control« and »Model-based Engineering« support industrial companies and public institutions who demand ever-higher standards of excellence in their solutions. Our portfolio of consultancy and development services ranges from independent technology surveys through analysis and optimization of digital processes and methods in product development to analysis and development of information standards, engineering applications and IT integration architectures. Unlike most other IT consultants and PLM providers, we offer a rich and solid fund of expert knowledge – even when it comes to tomorrow’s IT technologies, solutions and standards. Our bespoke scenarios tailored to your own situation and factoring in digital business and cooperative mechanisms show you just where you stand and where you could actually be. Our expertise is based on a deep well of experience in the many and diverse areas that go to make up virtual product creation:

  • Development alliances
  • Process optimization
  • Product modeling (from initial sketches, intelligent Computer Aided Design (CAD) and digital mock-ups (DMU) to functional mock-ups and virtual reality)
  • Cross-domain mechatronic systems development
  • Digital production planning (CAM, CAP)
  • Functional modeling and functional validation (for instance with special CAE solutions for flexible component simulation)
  • Evaluation and system approval based on intelligent hybrid prototypes

Transferring these technologies, methods and tools into industrial application is one of the priorities of the Virtual Product Creation division. Joining research and development allows our division to provide solutions in close cooperation with our customers that already have the requirements and technologies of the future in mind.


Download our division brochure (PDF, 2.7 Mb)